GUYS’ EYES ONLY! (Women Do Not Need To Read This!)

Dr. Pat Allen consistently counsels women to negotiate the contract before engaging in sex with a man, in particular to ask for social and sexual monogamy from him. This is something men are uncomfortable with.

Wha’? Monogamy? Whoever came up with that crazy idea?

Polygamy has been confirmed by science (and office parties) to be so genetically effective that Dr. Stephen Emlen, evolutionary behavior expert at Cornell University, says “true monogamy actually is rare.” As we have learned from the scientific research throughout this book, no matter what women prefer, men are genetically evolved to mate with multiple partners. It’s hardwired into their psychology, it produces the greatest genetic variety, and for most men it’s a no-brainer. We men are free-ranging critters and naturally motivated to sow our seed far and wide. The research supports our instincts; 

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