Our Uniqueness

Why did a CEO, consultant, or trainer refer you to us?

Provocative . . . revolutionary . . . extraordinary.


These words are heard often regarding our programs, and they want you to experience the same. But it was not by accident. It took over 20 years and $5 million of research and testing in order to provide such exclusive programs based on:

  1. Scientific foundations versus pop-theory.
  2. Protocols used founded on anthropology, neurology, archeology,  evolutionary genetics, and other disciplines.
  3. Direct application versus just theoretical learning.
  4. More than publishing, our affiliates facilitate implementation directly through your staff.
  5. Self-sufficiency versus co-dependency on outside resources.
  6. Outsourcing your leadership never works. Programs are designed to enhance and transfer skills to your staff.
  7. Proven results from comprehensive field-testing versus a “brilliant” book idea.
  8. Customization targeted to specific outcomes.

Not only do companies find us unique . . . so does the U.S. Government. They’ve issued patent-pending protection.




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